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Philip Davis - Freelance WordPress Developer

Freelance WordPress Developer

The most common question I am asked is -

“How much does a WordPress website cost?”

Here are some tips on how to keep WordPress development prices down, find the right web developer and get the website that is right for your business:-

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  • First Look around the web for Wordpess websites similar to the one you want, and find one/some to show to your web developer.
  • If your business is new, and does not have a colour scheme, search the web for colour schemes and find one you like to show to your web developer.
  • Established businesses should collect all previous branding material, printed or electronic, to give to their web developer.
  • Specific fields of expertise or products should be considered for future keyword searches, as businesses with many fields will need specifically designed websites which carefully categorise each field for search engine optimisation.
  • You should consider how many pages your WordPress website needs and prepare the text that you want printed on these pages, also a list of industry specific words and phrases should be prepared and given to the web developer.
  • Things such as Animation, Sound, Video, 3D Effects, Chat & Forums, Shopping Carts, Galleries, News Letter Subscriptions, Member Areas, Custom Games and RSS Feeds will increase the cost.
  • When you have all your material and facts together, get some quotes and also ask about yearly Hosting fees, unlimited email hosting and set-up fees, DNS set-up fees, Search Engine Optimisation fees, Adword Campaign fees and Vouchers ext…. which are usually not quoted within the original website development agreement, and consider that these services are always included at Philip Davis Web Design!
  • Ask your prospective WordPress developer if they will be sub contracting any of their WordPress programming or design work out, this may not seem like a big issue at first, until latter down the track when you request any changes! All my websites are 100% developed by me, this guarantees that all source files are on hand and all of the websites programming layout is known and easily changed/modified in minimum time and cost.
  • Ask your prospective web designer to show you some of their WordPress websites and then run the URL’s through a HTML Validator such as the one found at this will confirm how many programming errors they make and therefore the quality of their work.
  • The download speed of a correctly constructed WordPress website should be less than a second! Any download speed greater than a second will result in a down grading of search engine rankings, you can check any websites download speed here Whilst you are there, I challenge you to find a faster downloading WordPress website than this one!

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