Philip Davis Freelance Web Programmer

Philip Davis - Freelance Web Programmer

Freelance web Programmer

Choosing the right technology and programming languages will save you money and headaches now and in the future. As a Freelance Web Programmer I will explain and help you choose the right technology, programming languages, hardware and software to do the job.

I use PC’s, MAC’s and the worlds most reliable UNIX Apache Tomcat Servers.

  • Standard HTML Websites
  • HTML is the backbone of the web, it is the language web browsers use to render all websites on the screen of your computer. A stand alone HTML website is used to display stactic text and graphics, however used in conjuction with other more dynamic web programming languages such as DHTML, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, ActionScript and DataBase languages like SQL which all render out HTML on the fly or dynamically, hence HTML websites can be made to take on endless sofisticated forms.
  • Flash Websites
  • Bells & Whistles, these websites can have it all, they are ideal for websites that have many animations, sounds and vibrant colours. These websites can also be adapted to incorporate most other web technologies and web programming languages, such as shopping carts, chat rooms, photo galleries and databases. They also display well on different platforms, allowing for a wider audience and ever since the introduction Google’s Caffeine Google-Bot in June 2010 Flash files are now read and indexed favourably by Google and other search engines.
  • A good example of the capabilities of a Flash Website is the Angelmote site in my portfolio.
  • Magento Websites
  • The cream of all shopping carts, these websites are ideal for businesses with a large range of products. They have an advanced back-end, which allows the owner to make changes, add products, monitor sales, tax, shipping, stock levels and many many other things to manage your online business.
  • Have a look at the Ivy and Ashh Magento website in my portfolio.
  • WordPress Websites
  • These websites are ideal for blogging, news, clubs ext… where news & information can be added or deleted quickly. They also allow viewers to make comments, they are easily extendable through the back-end, allowing administrators to easily add/update pages and conduct many other administration duties.
  • This website is a customised WordPress site with a Flash Animated Header/Logo. Also take look at the Thomas Kingsley or Discount Timber Flooring Websites in my portfolio, these businesses were idea for WordPress. WordPress websites are also favourably indexed by search engines, my custom PHP search engine coding will really put a smile on your face!
  • Mobile Phone Websites
  • The miniature world of mobile device screens has arrived! Growing faster than any other web browsing technology, these devices such as Apple’s iPhone can no longer be ignored. Most websites will display on mobile devices, however specifically designed websites are all the rage because they are easier to read and interact with. Custom build mobile websites require new proprietary programming languages and techniques, websites built for standard PC’s and MAC’s should now have detection scripts in place that detect mobile devices and upon this detection deliver mobile specific content to the user.

  • HTML
  • HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the final result of all web programming languages, it is used in conjunction with CSS (For styling text ext….) for displaying/formatting the contents of the website on the users browser.
  • PHP
  • PHP (Personal Home Page) is a server side programming language, it is used for submitting web forms & shopping cart information and as a go between language with SQL databases.
  • SQL
  • SQL (Structured Query Language) is a database query language, it is used in conjunction with PHP and other sever side languages for retrieving and adding information from databases. These two languages are the back-bone to most of today’s shopping carts and other websites that have a need to store and retrieve information live to the website.
  • ActionScript
  • ActionScript is the programming language used for building and animating Flash websites, it is highly scalable to communicate with other web programming languages. Usually considered a scripting language, the more recent version known as ActionScript 3 now borders on being a real programming language such as Java, C++ and the likes.
  • JavaScript
  • JavaScripting in some form or another is used in most of todays websites, it was made to interact with HTML and can be used for animation, in this form it is referred to as DHTML. JavaScript is more commonly used for validating website forms before the information is sent to the server for processing.
  • XML
  • XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a relatively new language is taking the web by storm, used with other languages it is great for building Arrays to store information, such as arrays of pictures in your photo gallery.
  • AJAX
  • AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is possibly the newest language on the web. Volumes could be written about this language, however simply said, it is mainly used for animation and retrieving information from servers and displaying this information without the need for refreshing the browers screen.

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