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More important than how nice your website looks and works; is how well will it perform on search engine results? Will prospective customers be able to find it? Did you know that 90% of all searches never look beyond the first page? When appearing beyond third page in search results some businesses maybe better off not having a website and saving their money, regardless of how nice the website may look or work!

Freelance SEO Consultancy Services

Freelance SEO Consultancy Services

Google is now the greatest advertising medium on Earth, Yes Google rankings could make or break an online business! A webmasters SEO credentials should be your first consideration; are they a certified Google SEO Technician? Does their website appear on the front page? As a Freelance SEO Consultant I do not charge any ongoing fees, I simply offer a onetime Google compliant programming & editing workover that is guaranteed to get your website displaying front page for the agreed upon keywords.

Google Maps SEO Specialist

Google Maps SEO Specialist

There are several areas of expertise required in order to SEO a single website so that it appears on the front page of search results.
Firstly, SEO technicians need to be abreast with the very latest search engine optimisation coding practices, such as HTML-5 which the latest 2014 Google Algorithm expects, so no longer will tweaking Title, Description and keyword Tags help your website’s Page Ranking. This is an area where many SEO campaigns fall short these days.
Secondly, there are 200 points of Content Quality that are taken into consideration, many of these points carry strict criteria, an esoteric knowledge of Google’s algorithm is required to ensure that rules relating to these points are not broken.
Thirdly, a knowledge of the nature of keywords is required, a keyword is the word you want your website to appear well on search engine results, however the way search engines judge the relevance of a website to these keywords is buried within their complex algorithms.

I am a registered Google Webmaster and SEO technician, furthermore I have also developed an inhouse custom PHP SEO programming technique that works wonders on search engine results. All my websites are also coded with Google Analytics and registered with Google Maps and Places, this guarantees that all websites perform well and standout better on Google searches. Clients are provided with monthly statistics detailing keyword searches, website visitors, Google Maps, Places and AdWord Campaign performance.

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