Philip Davis Freelance Magento Developer

Philip Davis - Freelance Magento Developer

Freelance Magento Developer

Magento’s 13,000 page MVC (Model View Control Structure) can be a rather daunting sight. However it is this structure that makes Magento one of the premier open source shopping cart software packages behind many of today’s ecommerce websites.

As a freelance Magento specialist with over five years experience developing, theming, programming, updating, modifying and administering Magento websites, I have an in-depth understanding of its entire MVC structure, with a working knowledge of PHP, SQL, XML SOAP messaging, CSS, XHTML and JavaScript.

With my average Magento website development time currently standing at 14 days, a fact that teams of developers find hard to conceive, stands as testament to my fundamental knowledge and understanding of Magento.

With over 30% of today‚Äôs ecommerce websites now using Magento, specialised SEO skills are required in order to keep ahead of the competition in search engine rankings. The configuration of a Magento website is fundamental to it’s future search engine performance, in other words, if your Magento website is not constructed correctly on day one, you will be looking at a rebuild if selling products was your original intention!

As with all ecommerce websites, Magento websites may experience certain program problems/errors. Mainly due to poor construction during the development stages, Magento may from time to time inherit program problems after adding certain plug-ins, upgrades, modifications or administrative changes.

Magento website owners should consider experienced certified specialists, if any of these problems start to manifest. Not only would they save money and time in repair costs, they can rest assured that the problems have been fixed in the recommended way, that insures against future failures.

Over the past few years, I have become known as the Magento Mr Fix-it in the industry, for my ability to quickly find and fix program errors and perform custom modifications within the Magento MVC structure. In many cases, clients have saved thousands of dollars through reduced down-time costs, when other developers were unable to find and fix certain elusive or website-syncratic technical hitches.

If you are looking for certainty in annual hosting and development costs, you may like to consider my specialised Magento hosting services. Hosted on Load Balanced Linux LiteSpeed servers, this Magento hosting package includes website maintenance, development and administration services.

Below are some of the most recent eCommerce websites I have worked on:-

  1. Buy a Safe
    Design, Develop and SEO Magento eCommerce Website for Sydney Based Security Company
  2. Dress up Fabulous
    Design, Develop, SEO and Host eCommerce Magento Website for Brisbane Based Fashion Company
  3. Aussie Sportsbike Gear
    Design, Develop and Host eCommerce Magento Website for Sydney Based Motorcycle Parts Company
  4. Alflorist
    Perform some development work on eCommerce Magento website for Sydney based florist
  5. Must Love Animals
    Perform some development work on eCommerce Magento website for Melbourne Based Veterinary
  6. 101 Physio
    Fix corrupted database on eCommerce Magento website for Melbourne Based Veterinary
  7. Eenvirosax
    Fix program error on payment module and wholesale user group integration for Brisbane based company
  8. Tonic
    Converted Magento 1.3 Website to PHP5.3 - Perform Custom Modifications for Melbourne based company
  9. The Adult Shop
    Fixed Major Magento Program Error for Brisbane based company
  10. Signrite Online
    Perform Custom Magento Modifications for Sydney based sign writing suppliers
  11. DNA Off Road
    Optimize Magento Website for fast download & reliable operations for Melbourne based company
  12. Roof Rack
    Develop Magento Ecommerce Website for Sydney based car roof rack suppliers and installers

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