Philip Davis Freelance Flash Developer

Philip Davis - Freelance Flash Animator

Freelance Flash Animator

Philip Davis has been designing, building, animating and programming Flash websites and games for the last 8 years. In fact over 80% of my freelance work now comes from commercial interests. My first Flash gaming award was awarded at the POV Digital Festival in Sydney in 2005, since then I have gone on to build many flash websites and online games.

Philip Davis - Freelance Flash ActionScript Programmer

Freelance Flash ActionScript Programmer

With a database containing possibly one of Australia’s largest array of actionScript coding snippets, I am able to build and program Flash websites and games in less time than would otherwise be the case, saving customers money and at the same time benefiting from tried and proven reliable coding! My Flash programming includes and by no means limited to custom ecommerce applications, SQL database Linkage, games, animations, Live chat applications and webcams.

Philip Davis - Freelance Flash Character Animator

Freelance Flash Character Animation

There is some confusion about whether or not Flash websites are indexed by search engines. Yes Google can read and index Flash Files! Since June 2010, Google have had the capability to read inside of a Flash SWF file. I have studied this algorithm in depth and have most of the Flash websites I developed showing front page across all search results. In fact with an understanding of how Google reads Flash files, it can be easier to SEO Flash websites for front page display than it is to SEO more traditionally built websites.

Please view the Flash Websites in my portfolio and feel free contact me should you need any help building, designing, animating or programming Flash websites, games, short animated stories, animated Flash headers, characters, advertisments, eBooks, Flash website video app’s, YouTube’s and any other idea you may consider using this versatile program.

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